LA 2013 學員分享

IMG_6630   陳卓坤  海外學員

LA Camp 對我來說是一個人生的轉捩點,它給了我一個完全不同的眼光去看香港及自己的未來,讓我明白僕人領袖的意義,並有勇氣和信心向目標去衝! 

 Martin Chan  (Overseas)

Joining Leadership Academy was a turning point for me.  It stimulated me to have alternative viewpoint to look at the future of Hong Kong and mine.  Before the camp, I thought that leader was superior and high above.  But after the camp, I realize that the essence of leadership is excellence with soul, compassion and humility. Yet, the real challenge is ahead, but I will pursue my goal with courage and faith. 


吳毅信_02  吳毅信  香港學員
「在營會裡聽到很多true Radical Servant Leaders的分享。他們的故事、見證、聲音,在我心裡留下深遠的影響,更帶來重要的啟發。紀治興的分享提醒我社企的威力,鞏固我做社企的決心,Gordon Mathews 的分享使我知道幫人可以有很多不同的態度和形式,他幫助了我轉變自己的心態,李維怡的分享糾正我對領袖的誤解,令我更明白社會的現況和什麼是真正的領袖。」

Ison Ng (Hong Kong)    
“We’ve heard sharing from different true radical servant leaders in the camp. Their stories, testimonies and voices left a lasting impact and important inspiration in my heart. 
Mr. Kee Chi Hing’s sharing reminds me of the influence of social enterprises, and reinforces my determination to be a part of this influence. 
The sharing by Professor Gordon Mathews tells me there are different attitudes and ways to helping people and helps me change my mentality. 
Ms. Lee Wai Yi’s sharing corrects my misconception about leadership and leads me to understand the current social situation and what it means to be a true leader. ”    


吳勇  (中間穿藍褲那位)

吳勇  四川學員 
何為領袖? 怎樣impact the city?
營會中扮演地產商的體驗活動,告訴自己:到底是為什麼做出這樣的選擇? 做事前多用一顆心去想一想! 營會中被提醒:保守你的心勝過保守一切。尋得自己的根,做事做人回到根本,在愈加現實殘酷的社會,學會放下一些慾望,多一夥愛心,用心去做人做事。領袖要學會捨棄,要有情商。
Only in this way you can impact the city!


Jeremy Wu ( Sichuan, China)

“What is a leader? How can one impact the city? I am still pondering over the qualities of a leader until this moment. Yet I believe that, once you’ve experienced it, you will one day understand.
During a property agent role-playing game (“Building Our City” experiential game) in the camp, I asked myself: why did I make such decisions? I wish for a heart that thinks before acting!
“A Breath of Morning with Doctor Choi”: And keep watch over your heart with all care. We have to find our roots, go back to our origins when living our lives. In this evermore cruel and realistic world, we need to let go of desires and have more love, and live by our heart. 
Leaders must learn to make sacrifices and have good EQ. Only in this way can you impact the city!          


Natalie Lo 單人相

羅頌雅 (Natalie)  海外學員
我會因為我是一個香港人而驕傲,自己亦開始在想我有什麼可以為這城巿付出? 用文字? 用藝術? 我會繼續尋索天父上帝想我做什甚。

Natalie Lo  (Canada)

“I have learnt a lot from this LA camp. As I studied in Toronto, I did not pay much attention to what was happening in Hong Kong. This camp has revealed to me the social issues in Hong Kong and better prepared my freshly graduated self for this society. 
The speeches Doctor Choi gave every morning have impacted me a lot, especially the concept of ‘Life impacting life’ and all the sharing. They have all been great reminders to me. 
I am now proud to be a Hong Kong citizen and am starting to think about what I can do for this city. Perhaps with words? Or art? I will keep on searching for the plan God has for me.”