LA2015 營主任的話

City Reboot!   A Word From Camp Manager

Dear LA 15 Campers, 

Welcome on board!  We will start a journey of 7 days together very soon.  What are your feelings now?  Exciting? A bit worried of the unknown? Joyful?  Curious?

What are your expectations? What do you want to get and what are you willing to contribute?

The outcome depends on your choice and attitude.  The key is: the more you are involved in the process, the more you will experience and get!

The theme of this year is City Reboot!  What I can share with you now are the magic words I've got:

Compassion • Connection • Community
Reflect • Reimagine • Respond

In this era, many say that no one can represent himself/herself.  It seems that no one can be my boss and I'm my own boss.  It is true that everyone is unique, but at the same time, we are relational being in social context.  We are interdependent and complement each other.  We need each other and live as a community.

We believe that "There's a leader in you!"  Everyone is gifted with talents and has potential to develop leadership qualities.  If everyone can be leader, here comes the question: who are my followers?

Yes, you are a leader, and at the same time, you are a follower!   How can it be?  The answer is to be explored in the 7-day journey, and yet, it would be extended to a life-long one if you are genuine to your "self" and love your city.  Are you ready to say, "I do"?

You are blessed to have mentors, peers and all the committed staff and volunteers to travel with you.  Wish you a wonderful and fruitful journey! 

Yours truly,
Joey Shum
Camp Manager